Sunia means Listening. I believe that we hold all the answers within and all the learning comes from observing ourselves as we operate in the world. Yoga and meditation helps to filter the noise so we can tune into this essential truth.

You’re in the right place if –

  • You want to feel better, stronger, more at ease in your body.

  • There is a yearning for something you can’t quite pinpoint… and sense a more authentic version of you is needing attention.

  • You are drawn to learn more from the deep pool of knowledge shared by the ancient yogis and create your own personal ritual that serves you right now in your daily life.

  • Health and happiness is a priority for you.

“Starting yoga five years ago now has been one of the most important changes I have made to my life and Nancy has been instrumental in guiding me through this. As a male it was something I thought I would not really enjoy and her professionalism and teachings has kept me loving the practices. Having a very busy life Nancy’s practices of Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga and meditation have helped me become a much better all-round balanced person.” Joe

“Nancy’s yoga classes are incredibly powerful, restorative and peaceful. The deep connection Nancy creates in her yoga studio is one that you never want to leave.” 


“I wanted to thank you again for your lovely energy and light, with such a natural, informed nature, helping us all to become more centered and at peace within ourselves.” Catterina

Just by listening to the body and becoming aware of your breath, so much about you is revealed. In the same way, by working with the body and the breath so much change can occur.

Learning how we process thoughts and how the mind works is the first tool in learning to manage your monkey mind. Part of that is developing skills to manage your thoughts and part is a process of just letting it all happen without getting drawn into mental games/stories that don’t serve you.

With years of yogic study and personal wisdom gained from my own practice I can offer you guidance and specific tools to feel more ease in the body, more clarity in the mind, more connection to heart.



Personally designed Yoga clothing, in natural fibres:


“Nancy has been really amazing. From explaining the poses to offering advice and answering questions after the class, if I had imagined a yoga teacher before my first lesson, Nancy is the embodiment of that yoga instructor.”