Action is fuel for change

Feeling down? Lost all interest in not much. Ready to just continue staring at the wall, or sigh into boredom?

Sometimes it’s okay to allow ourselves some time to indulge in melancholia. Melancholy can bring with it it’s own sense of comfort and quiet. However, if that momentary melancholy is turning into long-term uninspired, boredom and you’re depressed, then it’s time to take action.

Exploring new possibilities, taking a risk and pulling yourself out of your comfort zone is taking action. Action is the expression of acceptance of life in the physical body and it’s interaction with the world. That term “pick your self up, dust yourself off” applies here.

STRUGGLING TO FUEL CHANGE? Work on your third chakra.

One way to activate strength in your sense of self is to work on your navel centre. The navel centre is the inner core muscle in the navel area. Core strength is located just from just below the belly-button up to the solar plexus.

Energetically this area is connected to the third chakra; Manipura. Manipura chakra is all about establishing the “I exist therefore, I am worthy” belief. It’s the area that, when strong, supports us to finish projects and brings focus to our goals in life. To explore and take risks, we need to feel we have a strong base to hold on to. That base is your sense of self.

Some great postures for taking action and working on Manipura Chakra are:

1. Plank pose – strengthens your core. When done correctly, plank pose uses core strength to bring the body into a straight line. The front thighs are activated along with the core to hold you in this posture.





2. Stretch pose – Stretch pose requires focus and will power – both directly linked to Manipura chakra intention. It also works on the core muscles.





3. Breath of fire – activates the navel centre and stimulates fire energy. The fire element is the element linked to the third chakra.