All for One & One for All

The fifth Yama (yogic way to live) is Aparigraha. Aparigraha means being un-possessive. Not holding onto an idea, a thing or an individual. Not needing labels or possessions to reinforce an identity: The practice of non-attachment.

The practice of non-attachment can be challenging. Sometimes in the effort to not be attached (to others, outcomes, future goals), we become detached. Detached is like checking out – staying safe by not really taking part or fully putting yourself out there and living. Non-attachment doesn’t mean detachment. When we’re detached we have stepped away from feeling things – but when we feel things we live in a heart space. The heart space is a neutral, non-judgemental approach that comes out of love. We are content in our own space and open to what each moment can bring.  We find joy in the happiness of others.


Instead of focusing on taking away attachment, a great way to really shift out of the grasping, the jealousy and the desirous space of attachment, is to instead invoke the feeling of GENEROSITY (If this is hard, fake it ’til you make it). The feeling of generosity kind of sums up the feeling of non-attachment. We exist to encourage all beings to prosper and be fulfilled, including ourselves.

It’s not all give and it’s not all take – it’s ALL enjoy.

I have found personally, that when I’m struggling and feeling ripped off in life, if I direct my intention towards generosity, where I choose to feel joy for others, not jealousy, where I take my own dilemmas from the forefront of my every moment and look to how I can be more generous in spirit, more generous to others – life brightens dramatically. The blinkers come off, the big picture kicks in and horizons widen.