Autumn – time to take a step back

Being very much a warm weather loving being, autumn has always been a struggle for me. But over the last few years I have been practicing acceptance, with an intention to fully embrace the change! It’s a work in progress, but my intention is to fully honour the inward turn of energy in preparation for winter – nurturing the desire to stay in, to be quiet, warm, and cosy if that’s what I feel like – opting for crafternoons over outdoor, outward energy activities if I feel inclined. Taking note that my pets, who know best in these situations, are also choosing to sleep more, to stay in more, to eat more.

During the autumn change, it’s natural to feel more sleepy and internal. I recommend getting as much sleep as you can, eating warming foods and drinking warm drinks – preparing both physically and mentally for the winter months ahead. As human beings our bodies need to adapt to the shifts and changes in weather and this can take energy, so honour that.

Autumn is a perfect time for silent meditation, or in other words sitting with yourself – transitioning from outer to inner.

Silent meditation – take a step back:

  • Sit quietly.
  • Mentally take a step back.
  • Literally (mentally) rest back into the back part of your body.
  • Simply delight in spending time quietly sitting with yourself.

Sit for as long as you like 🙂

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