Base chakra & planting your feet firmly on the ground

Our base chakra is our foundation. Our connection to the earth. A strong, clear base chakra means our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Sanskrit word for this chakra: Muladhara.

Associated colour: Red. Element: Earth

The base chakra resonates with all our instinctual concerns – survival, belonging, safety and security – that we will have food to eat and a safe home to live in with others around us who will look out for us.

Physically, the base chakra is located at the the base of the spine and travels through the legs and feet. This chakra is associated with the kidneys and adrenals. The kidneys are often associated with the emotion of fear and the adrenals are actioned with the fight or flight response (more info).


Energy deficient:

  • A tendency to dissociate with the physical body.
  • Removed from reality and living in our imagination. Ignoring practicalities.
  • Feeling anxious, disconnected and like we don’t belong.

Excessive energy:

  • Being overly concerned with security and safety (counting every cent and hording things for safe-keeping are signs of an out of balance base chakra).
  • Not coping with change and limiting experiences due to fear and rigidity.



  • Get into the body. Get a massage. Dance. Have a bath. Tapping the body with flat hand.
  • Get into nature. Go outside and be in the elements. Garden. Walk barefoot on the grass.
  • Walk on the heels (not high heels, your own heels 🙂 ).
  • Breathe into the base of the spine. Visualise growing roots like a tree, right down deep into the earth. Sensualise the cool, dark earth surrounding your roots. Breath in from the deep core of the earth up into your heart and breath out back down into the earth.
  • Eat. Eating protein rich food and root vegetables is a great way to ground. Note: It’s a common reaction when feeling things are a little out of control to eat. Subconsciously, we’re attending to one of our basic instinctual concerns to help bring balance to the base chakra. Food can be a good way to ground, however if we’re not aware of why we’re eating and we form a habit to reach for a snack whenever we feel anxious, unstable, fearful, food becomes a distraction and we can attach to food as our comfort, avoiding the real issue at hand.

When the base chakra is balanced we feel safe in our world. We have a firm grasp of reality and hold a deep sense of trust through times of change.

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  1. After doing the kriya for the first time I realise how ungrounded I am. My muscles were weak and I found it difficult to allow the breath and the energy through the chakra.
    The next day, I wondered how I get through the days with my energies so ungrounded.
    Somewhere along the path I had shut it down and breathing deep reminded my body of it’s power.
    So simple yet so effective!

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