Birth, life, death & rebirth

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful long weekend. Over this time I’ve been considering easter and all it represents. All the many different spiritual lineages have different ways to deliver very similar messages. The catholic easter message reminds me of the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. This mantra represents the cycle of life and the cycles within life.

Sa – Birth. Our own birth into human form. The birth of a new relationship, a new stage in our life journey, a new project, home, job. The beginning of anything.

Ta – Life. The journey, however it unfolds all of the above.

Na – Death. All things must come to an end. The more we practice non-attachment and the awareness of the transience of all things the better we deal with this aspect of the cycle.

Ma – Rebirth. Fresh beginnings, with wisdom intact. The beginning of a new journey, born out of the end of an old one.

This mantra is the mantra of recognition of the cycles and flow of life. It’s this message that I take from the story of Jesus dying on the cross. Only to be ‘reborn’ or to return anew, with wisdom to carry on the journey. The saying “dying into life” comes from a letting go to start anew.

In two weeks, on Saturday May 10, I will be running a 2-hour weekend workshop with my crystal singing bowls. We will practice a 7 part series of meditations, finishing with this mantra. I hope you will join me, more information.

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