Cold Depression

Do you ever get the feeling the world is moving too quickly? With the fast pace of our lives, we can experience a sense of living outside of ourselves, of not truly being centred in the here and now. With this we can begin to feel a loss of connection to ourselves and others around us.

Yogi Bhajan, who mastered Kundalini yoga, predicted that people would be experiencing what he termed Cold Depression at this time; a general sense of apathy and disconnection. The issue with Cold Depression is exactly this experience. We shut down and don’t realise how removed we are from our true purpose – to experience a full and rich life, appreciating the subtleties and senses moment to moment.


THIS MEDITATION HELPS SHIFT OUT OF COLD DEPRESSION. It’s also great to use for anxiety. Try it for yourself:

Mudra: Bring the hands together and link the fingers, index finger pointing up. Cross the thumbs (left over right for women, right over left for men). Bend the elbows and have the hands a few centimetres away from the chest.

Eyes focus at the tip of the nose.

Chant the mantra WAH HAY GURU.

Chant “Wha” at the navel (meaning bring the focus there), “Hay” at the heart & “Guru” at the lips. Chant however you like, in a monotone or with tune.

Time: 11mins.

To end: Inhale and suspend the breath, with your intention to give the apathy, stagnation, cold depression, anxiety up. To surrender it to the universe. Exhale and repeat twice more.