Creating From The Heart

What does it mean when we vision for our selves? Creation, manifestation. The idea of seeing something ahead and laying the ground work for it to become. Planting the seed, nurturing the seed, watching it grow.

There are many books and ideas around how much a role we play in designing our lives and the universe we live in. I would like to explore the concept of creation, with a big picture perspective. Big picture perspective being universal forces, laws of nature and most importantly recognising that this age is all about community and good of all not just of one.

Three aspects of the universal forces:

  1. You. You and your ability to create through the power of your vision, your focus, your projection.
  2. We. All the things we do have an effect on the world around us. We’re all in this together. Recognise that the other person is you. What we see in the world, experience in the world, are all aspects within us.
  3. Transcendent. The inexplicable sense that there is an all-encompassing universal source, way bigger than the challenges and experience of our lives. In this we can know but not know. We trust through an inner knowing and a connection undefined.

It can be helpful to break it down and to view life in this way, even if all three aspects of universal forces are in fact one. Remembering that in our ‘creating’ we are a player with many other factors influencing what actually happens. Alongside this, at the same time valuing and believing that we can and deserve to have a fulfilling, love-filled, full life. This will influence the creation of our experience.

I would like to suggest that we co-create.  The more we tune in to the heart space and connect in with what is truly right for us (not what anyone else wants for us) the more we can flow with the universe without too much drama. It’s worth investing time into checking in with our heart space to see what it is we truly want, no matter how much sense it makes at the time.

Once we’re clear on what we truly want for ourselves and what is right for us, we co-create from a heart space. Clear and open projection of your vision from the heart is a powerful universal force.

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  1. Nancy, Thank you for a beautiful New Years intensive class on ‘opening your heart’. I’m so grateful to come to your classes and experience your wonderful approach to teaching yoga.

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