Develop a Personal practice

Just a short, daily practice, if it’s the right one, can make your day SO much more; More manageable, more calm, more abundant, more enjoyable.

It’s like watering a plant – a little each day and the plant flourishes. A small commitment can make big changes to your life.

It’s always good to come to class and practice with others, to try things you may not try on your own, or get ideas you may not have had at home. To build on this, a personal home practice is also important to develop. Your home practice gives you time to explore where you are at, with the yoga and with life generally. And if you feel like you don’t have time for a personal home practice – ever consider that it could actually help your life flow better, so you feel less pressed for time?


I’m looking to develop a workshop or course that helps you develop your own home practice. To do this usefully, I need to know what you’re after in a home practice. If this topic interests you, I’d love and appreciate you helping me develop something useful by answering the questions below and emailing them to me

Q1) What do you want from a personal practice?

Q2) What are some blocks you have to doing a personal home practice?

Q3) How long so you want your practice to be (be realistic, anywhere from 5 mins onward)?

Q4) Do you have any specific injuries/conditions that impact your practice?

Q5) Would it help to have a few home practices to choose from, depending on time and energy?

Q6) If you already have a home practice, what do you do and what would you like to add/change about it?

Q7) What’s more important right now for you from the list below? (If all of these are important, please list in order of most important – make the most important first on the list)

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

Q8) What’s more important right now for you from the list below?

  1. Posture/kriya
  2. Breathwork/pranayama
  3. Meditation

Q9) What would be your ideal personal practice?

  1. Kundalini yoga
  2. Hatha Vinyasa yoga
  3. Mix of Hatha Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga
  4. Yin yoga

Add any thoughts, questions you’d like answers to, ideas for how I might help you develop a home practice.

Thanks lovely people.

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