Fighting For or Against?

What do you feel passionate about and what change would you be want for your world? What do you consider to be fair or right and what do you consider to be unjust or unacceptable?

As you awaken your inner warrior to fight for what you believe in, I encourage you to consider the following: Are you fighting FOR or are you fighting AGAINST? – in other words- is there a personal truth to your fight, backed up by dignity, grace and honour, or are you just fighting?

If you find there’s a touch of ‘just fighting’, perhaps it’s time to dig deeper and find out what you truly stand for.  The worthiness and the awareness of that may take you far further towards a result than simply hitting up against walls because you’re angry, …about something…

I believe it is more and more important to stand up for yourself and others; to stand as graceful warriors and get behind what you believe to be your personal truth.

‘Where there is love there is no question’ Yogi Bhajan

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image: anthropologylover