Speak up & express yourself.

On the weekend I went to the March Against Monsanto gathering in the city of Melbourne. This gathering gave voice to a particular passion of mine – access to quality, life-enhancing food – preferably organic.  By being there I was, along with many others, expressing this passion and the belief that all of us deserve to eat well and live in healthy environments.

Voicing our passions and what we believe in is honouring the nature of our existence. With-holding the expression of our truthes is not living to our full potential.



Working on the Throat Chakra allows us to express ourselves with confidence and stand behind our truth.

Name in Sanskrit: Vissudha Chakra                    Element: Ether      Colour: Bright blue.

Key words for this chakra: Communication through SOUND, VIBRATION, SELF-EXPRESSION.

Physical location in the body: Throat, neck, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland. More on the thyroid gland.

EXPRESSION THROUGH communicating – self expression as well as feeling heard. Relationship to others at a vibrational level.


  • Afraid to speak out as you fear what you have to say is not worthy.
  • Verbal diarrhea – can’t/won’t stop talking. Dominate conversations.
  • Untruthful – not connected to personal truth.
  • Not listening to others or thinking what others have to say matters.
  • Unaware of the energetic influence we have on others / others and our environment has on us.


  • Singing/Chanting. Self-generated sound through chanting mantra is one of the most powerful ways to create a meditative, healing state of being. More on mantra and the benefits.
  • Exercises to open up the throat – neck rolls, shoulder shrugs.
  • Listening to uplifting music, healing sounds. Eg. the Crystal Singing Bowls.

MORE ABOUT Throat Chakra.

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