Fix Distraction Madness & Get Things Done.

You’d think being a yoga and meditation teacher I’d be good at one-pointed focus. Just recently I realised how utterly distractable I am. I think having lots of things to do has something to do with it. I start one thing and then get distracted by all the other things that need doing. My mind races and so, seemingly, does time – without getting anything done!!

In this crazy world we live in we are constantly distracted. It’s become something we live with without question. It can drive you mad and needs to be attended to before we all become mindless halfwits.

How to do it? Well, just like everything – a degree of discipline and practice – using short bursts of focus.  I was introduced to this technique from my good pal Sandie, of Three Bowls, – it’s called the Pomodoro Technique.


1. Choose task.

2. Set the timer at 25 minutes and get to it.

3. Break ONLY after 25 minutes without allowing any distractions. Knowing the timer will ring, you can pretty much ignore all interruptions just for that short time. Breaking tasks into 25 minute time slots increases your ability to focus through consistent, short periods of practice. As well as getting things done, this will strengthen the mind, just like meditation does.

Break bigger tasks into 25 minute time slots. After 25 mins take a break – stand up and take a deep breath, drink some water, walk around. Then go another 25 mins. Short, focused periods will exercise your mental stamina and alleviate brain scramble inefficiency.

I highly recommend this technique to get things done – Giving you more time for life-savasana 🙂

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