Galloping Ahead – the Year of the Horse

Not sure about you, but I feel like this year is moving at a fast pace – snow balling ahead from one thing to the next. It’s been a lot of fun actually, as much as there’s been a lot happening, it’s been positive and challenging in a good way. This very much resonates with this Chinese Year of the Horse, which started a month ago at the end of January (celebrated in my garden with many of you).

Next week, my Ivanhoe home studio will be hosting the first of a 5 week course in Tai Chi, facilitated by Benjamin Seow, Senior Instructor of the Daxuan School Melbourne (more info here). Ben is deeply connected to the philosophy of the Chinese calendar and he shares this about this 2014 Year of the Horse with us:

The year of the Wood Horse is moving from a canter to a gallop as we see expansion influencing all aspects of our lives. The horse brings us change and success. This year we are being asked to go with the changes and rapidly!… Even if we don’t have sufficient time to let go, the time is now to act and hold on as we move through many things, both good and bad (but mostly good) if we are to succeed. This year it is even more important to start and stick at a practice for better balance in our lives. 

The forecast is turbulence. Those who go with it will succeed. Those who resist will get tossed about.

Big reasons to get centred yogi’s so you can comfortably say yes to the ride! I’ve felt drawn to both practice and teach navel centring kriyas these last few weeks. If we firmly ground in the navel, we remain stable and centred and connected to who we are. Breath of Fire is an awesome way to fire up the navel centre, as well as calm the feeling of overwhelm, to return to a stable sense of Self. It’s quick and easy and you can use it anytime. I’ve been doing 11 mintues in the morning as part of my morning wake up.