Give yourself a break – make space through shuniya

Did you know that each thought is reflected in your physical state? The level of thoughts you have will either lift and lighten your load or weigh you down. Your subconscious thoughts also influence your physical state.  So what about our subconscious thoughts – as even though we’re not consciously subscribing to those, the subconscious mind can still be putting pressure on our system through some subconscious thought patterns we are yet to let go of.  It’s through meditation that we are able to dig deep and shift some of our weightier subconscious thoughts.

Negative subconscious thought patterns can leave us feeling a bit at odds with life; unsettled and unsatisfied. We can start asking “why me?” or think “if I just had… I’d be ok”. This in turn can keep the mind spinning and churning. So when do we just let all that rest and cleanse the mind, inviting in some spaciousness; making room for something new and fresh to arise?

I’d like to share with you this meditation. This meditation works to stop the flow of normal thoughts and bring the mind to shuniya. Shuniya is a place of stillness. A point of neutrality that is removed from the subconscious back-stories we have on the ready. Removed from the ego and what we want and think we need.

Sitting in a state of shuniya gives your whole system gets a break.  In a neutral state we can allow the mind and body to rest, to restore and to balance. In this state we access our true self and find answers and understandings around why our lives are as they are. I believe that we do know the answers to the questions we hold deep in our hearts. It just may be that we are yet to learn the means of accessing them.


Tune in with the Adi Mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” x 3

Sit with a straight spine.


  • Make a solid fist of the right hand and raise it up to shoulder level with the forearm parallel to the spine.
  • Raise left hand up until the wrist is at shoulder level, forearm parallel to spine. Bend the wrist so that the palm faces up and the fingers point left. Fingers straight, palm flat.

EYES: Look at the tip of the nose.

BREATH: Long and deep. With each complete, controlled exhale suspend the breath out to your maximum. When you need to, inhale long and controlled. Continue, suspending the breath on the exhale.

TIME: Begin with 11 minutes. You can build up to 31 minutes.


  • Rapidly inhale and exhale twice.
  • Inhale and suspend the breath for 10 seconds while stretching both arms up and tighten the body. Exhale and relax

Bring the hands into prayer mudra and chant “Sat Nam” to finish.

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