How To Change the World While Sitting On the Toilet

These days, as time presses upon us, it’s more and more important to remind ourselves that we are not the only living beings on the planet. The best way to support ourselves to stay grounded and connected to the heart is to look out for ways to help others as much as we can. I offer you three suggestions here:

1. How to change the world by GOING TO THE TOILET:  Recently, I was delighted to discover a way to change the world by simply going to the toilet. This Melbourne based organisation, Who Gives A Crap – provide recycled toiled paper, home delivered, donating 50% of their profits to improving toilet sanitation in the developing world. I’m so impressed I want the world to know and to start changing the world roll by roll. In short, every toilet roll you use, you’re providing someone, somewhere in the world with clean toilet facilities. One of the basic necessities in life. For more details and to buy your toilet paper, see the website Who Gives A Crap.

2. How to change the world by doing nothing other than SHOWING UP IN YOUR DAY:  All we can really expect of ourselves on a day to day basis is to show up in life. To simply be present. More and more be here now2we give ourselves a hard time for not be perfectly prepared, in the exact right head-space for a given occasion, organised, well rested, ready, etc etc. More and more we use this as excuse to not turn up (physically or energetically). But what if we gave ourselves permission to just turn up and be however we need to be – all the while being present in that moment. Alleviated of the responsibility to be exactly right, open to what may come, unconcerned with how things may play out, unapologetic for being human? My guess is that by doing this, we open the doors wide for honest interaction, for spontaneous, real moments. Most importantly, by giving ourselves permission to be ourselves, we inadvertently and energetically give others that permission also. This can be life changing for all involved. Each moment has the potential to, and in some way does, change your life. Be real and there will be no regrets.

3. How to change the world by TAKING ACTION:  Pray for peace. Join me and many others to pray for human kindness by chanting the mantra of “Sopurkh” at the Fairfield Amphitheatre on November 10th from 2-4pm. The Sopurkh mantra was especially given for women to chant to elevate men in the world – those close to us and others – which of course has a huge impact on everyone of us and changes the world. This mantra vibrates pure love. Yogi Bhajan said, there is no greater prayer than the prayer of a woman. This event is part of Malaladay, honoring Malala Yousufzai, the teen Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban for advocating girls’ education. Everyone is welcome on this day.

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