How will you feel when you get there?

openroadLRI’ve been spending some time in this early part of the year considering both my personal and professional goals for this year.  I recently heard a fabulous catch phrase from life coach Danielle LaPorte for helpful consideration when goal setting. And that is: “how will feel when you get there?”.

It’s well known that the best way to achieve your goal is to know exactly what you’re aiming for and to focus on that goal, not losing sight of it; To live it, see it, smell it, feel it, taste it. But how do we manage to focus on our goals and at the same time not limit ourselves by wearing our blinkers so tightly that we miss an unexpected opportunity or relentlessly keep charging ahead when this is not really serving us?

Let’s consider the original inspiration for our goals and their trajectory. We need to ask ourselves what are we aiming for and why? Are our goals our own, truly desired goals, or are they someone elses? Are we a rat in the rat race or are we our own selves nurturing our true hearts desires? How come so many of us continue to achieve our goals and still are left with “this is not how I want to feel”?

Amongst the myriad of opinions about what and how we should achieve and what means success – many of us are asking ‘but what is my true hearts desire??’ Our true hearts desire can be revealed by digging deep into our hearts and asking “how do I fell when ____”?  and “how would I like to feel when _____”? Connecting with your heart is step one to knowing your truth.

By planning goals according to how we want to feel once we achieve them, we get to test ideas and possibilities against that feeling along the way. If they match, go for it, if they don’t then save yourself the trouble and direct your energy elsewhere.

For the next few yoga classes we’re going to focus on heart connection and cultivate some intimacy with our own heart space.

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