Inspiration and the inbetween


INSPIRATION. Full and focused, open to possibility. One of those things you can’t force, you can seed it but it comes when it comes. Like anything creative – ever emerging, always forming, until it’s expressed… and then there is…












THE PAUSE. The nothingness. Perhaps a sense of stuckness. Time to observe, to digest, to let go of. To die a small death and be reborn. The negative space that gives an image it’s potency. A necessary part of the creative process. We can sometimes panic in the pause, maybe even suffer a little.

When we try for inspiration it can allude us. Like anything, it will pull away if you’re demanding of it, needy and reaching. Inspiration comes from observation, whether in action or stillness, whether immersed or from a distance. It comes from a yin approach to a yang life. Receptive, open. Trust without reaching. Expression without thinking too much. So if we rest in the pause, sit in the stuckness, allow the small death to make space for the new, inspiration will return, when ready and when the time is right – this flood of energy, a filling up to overflowing so you need to create to release it. An expression of the urge to manifest.

Both places are your journey. Both are part of the creative process.

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