Life Savasana

As we know, yoga reflects life, therefore I would like to suggest implementing a life-savasana on a weekly basis.

Savasana is sanskrit for deep relaxation or waking sleep. Savasana (deep relaxation) is an important part of any yoga practice and we all love it. For an hour’s practice we might do 5-10 minutes of savasana. In savasana, our eyes are closed and we simply rest the body and be with the breath. We drift into our own inner spaciousness. We move from stimulation to stillness.

Savasana is where all the integration happens. Deep relaxation post-practice gives our body time to consolidate all the work we have done. The body’s relaxation response kicks in and the mind and emotions are given space to settle. After our savasana we feel refreshed, ready to move from the yoga room to the outside world.

For your life-savasana, choose one whole day per seven days (at minimum, half a day) and take a day off the stimulation by going screen-free.

  • Step aside from facebook, the internet, television.
  • Leave the house without your phone without needing to be in immediate, spontaneous contact with others.
  • Create space to let the body and mind consolidate all you have been stimulated by throughout the week.

Give yourself the day off the stimulation one day a week. Life-savasana is your weekly regeneration time. Time to remind yourself of who you are and that you are here now, right now in this moment.

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