Love your feet some more

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Just take a moment to send some love down to your feet – for all they do for you!! They are your physical foundation. Your connection to earth. They keep you grounded. They propel you forward when walking and keep you balanced as you stand.



Our feet are like little “mini-me’s”, reflecting our entire body through pressure points that correspond to all parts of you. A good foot massage can have the whole body responding with a great big joyous thankyou.

The body mirrors the feet. If the feet are tense and clenched, the body will also feel tension. If the feet are tired then our body will feel tired. When the feet are out of alignment the body will also be out of alignment.

Some good reasons to love up your beautiful feet.

You know that gorgeous feeling when barefoot on the beach – just so therapeutic and relaxing? – that’s not just the beautiful surroundings, it’s also freeing your feet up so blood can flow freely, releasing them from tight shoes that cramp the bones together and letting them spread out and freshen up. It’s allowing the sand to move across the soles of the feet, gently massaging those pressure points so the whole body feels invigorated and fresh.

We can strengthen the feet by walking barefoot as much as possible. When we walk barefoot, without support or high heels, the muscles of the feet are worked which strengthens them. Strengthening the muscles will lessen the need for insoles and arch supports as you will build strength in weak muscles needed for balance.

Show your feet some gratitude each day.

In the evenings, a warm foot bath followed by a slow, nurturing foot rub with almond oil before you go to sleep will not only help the feet but your whole body feel amazing.

During the day, massage your feet by rolling them over a tennis ball, getting into all the sore corners and applying pressure. If it hurts, keep at it – it’s good for you 🙂

Take your fingers and interlace them between the toes. Get the fingers right in as close to bottom of the toe as possible. Squeeze and rotate the foot like this, releasing tension in the toes so they can spread apart and relax!

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