Moment & Momentum


“Circumstances are 10%. Your talent and your capacity are 10%; the other 80% is unknown to you.” Yogi Bhajan.



I recently attended a workshop with Kundalini yoga teacher Guru Dass Khalsa. One thing he spoke about really helped remind me that there is more at universal play than we can ever really know going on in our lives. He highlighted the two things required for change in our lives to occur: MOMENT and MOMENTUM.

Sometimes you have the moment, but you either don’t see it, don’t respond to it, are not ready for it or reject it. Sometimes you have the momentum; the desire, the energy for, the readiness… but there’s no moment.

It’s when moment and momentum come together that you can move forward and shifts and changes occur. Thing is, we can’t force the moment and we can’t force the momentum. As simple and obvious as this may seem, somehow accepting that as a basic universal law allows for a little less controlling and a little more allowing.

In short – it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. Or in other words when you’re ready for it. We’ve all experienced both moment and momentum together and apart. We’ve also experienced the realisation for the reasons things happen as they do -sometimes years after the event.

So, there are two things to practice here:

ACCEPT WHERE YOU ARE AT. Be here now until the time for change is right.

REMOVE THE EXPECTATION BLINKERS: Don’t miss the moments by looking for something specific that you think you need. Those blinkers could distract you from what you’re not noticing. Cultivate some Yin quality to your life and surrender a little. Don’t fixate on your desires and be open to possibilities.

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