The Benefits of Mantra

Studies have shown that repetitive beats and sound alter our state of mind through brainwave rhythms responding to particular beats and frequencies. Different sounds can induce states of relaxation, alertness, focus and calm through the altering the brainwaves. Brain waves are basically energy sources that start in the brain and travel through the body.

So what happens when we self-generate sound through chanting? The vibration of sound establishes itself in our body and mind through rhythm and repetition.

Think of the body as a musical instrument. As we chant, the tongue stimulates 84 meridian points on the upper palate of the roof of the mouth and sends energy up the left, right and centre of the spine, connecting to all the glands throughout the body and impacting the nervous system. As the sound pattern generated by chanting gets established in the nervous system, every cell of the body will vibrate this pattern, changing our whole state of physical experience and mental awareness.

The mantra’s used in Kundalini Yoga are drawn from the sacred text of the Shabad Guru, embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is 1430 pages of sacred teachings drawn from sikh gurus and other saints from different religions. These mantras have been developed with a particular rhythm to incite a particular response.

When chanting, we focus on rhythm and particular intonation – increasing the impact on the body, mind and spirit, dramatically altering our state of being. We begin to deepen our awareness of ourselves. To find that stillness. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed, rushed and under pressure, take time out and meditate. Use mantra as your tool. Connect in. Feel your centre and see a given situation from the eyes of your soul!

Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master, said yoga and meditation cleans out the subconscious garbage, and mantra is the soap!

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