Play to the tune of your own song

There are countless cultures and markets selling and telling us who to be and how to think. We adopt those to a point; to negotiate and communicate effectively and practice a degree of learned diplomacy to navigate through life.

But how often to we stop to ask how we truly feel about something? If we were to remove all the ‘shoulds’ from our thoughts would our actions change? What if we were to answer to no one, only ourselves. Would we make the same choices?

A great deal of our niggly “what if’s?”, uncertainty, shame and disempowerment come from not giving voice to what we truly believe, deep down.  Having an opinion and being confident to stand behind that is reflected in the strength of our third chakra, the navel chakra.

While the second chakra allows us to feel and connect on a very visceral, human, physical level and the heart chakra connects us on a universal, compassionate, love space –The third chakra is our earth life-line. The charge from which we plug in and operate as a conscious, physical, human, functional shiny bright individual.

Sanskrit word for this chakra: Manipura.     Colour: Yellow.        Element: Fire

Physically, the third chakra is located at the navel centre. The digestive system, pancreas, adrenals.

Key words for this chakra: I AM. I CAN AND I WILL.

  • Expression through drive to achieve goals. Knowing you are.
  • Without need of the approval of others.
  • Personal power


  • Feeling powerless and withdrawn. Victim mode.
  • Indecisive. Uncertain about opinion. Lack commitment.
  • Overly concerned by what others think of you. More so than what you think about yourself.
  • Have trouble finishing things and achieving goals. Or being overly goal-focused without appreciating the journey.
  • Ongoing digestive problems, ulcers, liver problems, gallstones, pancreas disorders such as diabetes or hypoglycemia.
  • Aggressive.


  • Breath into the navel centre. Rest hands on the navel and breathe into that centre. Come back to this point to ground into your true self.
  • Leg lifts.
  • Breath of fire.
  • Speak from the navel centre when you need to have a strong, firm, powerful presence. Bring awareness to the navel centre and direct your voice from this point.