Practice and prosper. Get to know yourself.

The benefits of regular practise are many. In my opinion, it’s not about how long or how strong you practice, but the regularity of the practise that’s most important. Regularly and consciously moving the body is super important for your over all health.

On a physical level, it’s about unlocking blocks of tension in the body, moving blood through your liver, spleen and kidneys to help the body detox. Letting energy flow freely will encourage the digestion system to work more efficiently so the metabolism is improved.  Breathing more strongly, longer and deeper oxygenates the blood and balances the mind/body system. Becoming stronger – in both body and mind.

Mentally, it’s about reconnecting intention and your will. Through deliberate, focused, aware movement we demand attention to this very moment. We place ourselves in the now. Coordination challenges initiate new patterns of movement. Through movement we release a lot of stuck, held emotion. By moving and stimulating the body, neural pathways are activated  that allow you to literally see your world differently. Mental barriers can be cleared and we broaden our perspective on life.

Bring your intention towards a regular holistic practice that contains the following:

  • Breath awareness (more on the breath).
  • Body sensitivity and observation.
  • Moving out of the mind and into the moment.
  • Movement that opens, lengthens and strengthens and is combined with breath.
  • Relaxation to finish.

You can create a short or long movement practice using yoga, walking, dancing, swimming, surfing; whatever suits you. As long as the practise contains all of the points listed above. If you need some ideas, take this link to follow some sun salutations or try a kundalini kriya/meditation.

Get to know yourself daily. Learn that each day is a new day. Each day our body and general state of being is different. Your practice is a touch point to check in with yourself. With regular practice we become more and more attuned to what the body and breath is telling us and we become more attuned to our physical and emotional needs. In time this awareness carries through into the day – step 1. Step 2 is to start listening and responding accordingly.

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