Renewal – Personal Recycling For Your Life

This week I’d like to facilitate new shifts, birth new ideas and ways of being, to shed the old skin and make space for fresh, new things to come through. Spring is the time for time RENEWAL – for new life to blossom and fresh starts to begin.

Renewal, as I see it, is a healthy form of personal recycling. Taking the time to reflect on what we have, rethink what we want and invite new perspectives. New perspectives can be all it takes to re-ignite fires, to cultivate happiness and to ensure you feel ‘on track’ and connected to your personal truth.

Renewal is not necessarily about ditching the old to have the new. We don’t always need to have major shifts in our lives to continually renew. Renewal can be ‘re-freshing’ or ‘re-inventing’ what you already have in your life and building from there. Re-inventing your relationships, renewing your commitment to the things that are important to you, reminding yourself why you do what you do. The process of renewal involves looking at whether your choices are still relevant or is it time to set new goals, to view life through a different coloured lens, or in fact make some bigger changes?

Renewal reflects the true essence of life – that we are in a constant state of ever-evolving change.

This meditation, lead by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, will help with renewal on any level that serves your highest good.

I invite you to practice this as a 40-day sadhana (daily practice).

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