Shine on with the Longtime Sun Song

This blog is in homage to the most sweetest of songs, that we close each Kundalini Yoga class with: the Longtime Sun Song. It carries a gorgeous, warm sentiment of wellbeing that is especially timely to remember as we approach christmas.

It’s easy to get lost amongst the bonanza of buying as christmas approaches. And just as easy to become cynical about this ‘time for giving’. The Longtime Sun Song can offer a reminder of the true sentiment behind giving – of showing others how much they mean to us by gifting them an intention of goodwill and thinking good thoughts about them. Thoughts carry energy and a lot of weight. The greatest gift you can give someone is to think positively about them. To assume the best of someone is to really give them a chance to shine. Because when someone thinks the best of us, we tend to prove them right.

Gifting someone with good thoughts is the gift that gives right back. The more we encourage others and more we love without judgement, the more of the same we bring into our own lives. Don’t be suckered into the whole parade of purchasing pressure out there and remember it is the intention behind our actions and our gifts that matters. No matter what we do, if we do it with love and with the best intention – there is no greater gift.

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