Top Up Your Life-force Daily

When I see fresh green grass I immediately think PRANA and I want some!  That exquisite life-force that seems to clear and purify just by breathing when you’re close to that green grassy freshness.

We refer to the breath as prana & breathwork practice as pranayama. But prana is not just breath alone – prana is PURE LIFE-FORCE – most potent in fresh, clean, unpolluted air. Also contained in good quality food.

Fresh, organic food contains high levels of prana. When we eat crap food we feel prana-deficient: less alive, muted and flat.


DOSE UP ON PRANA. Get a good daily intake.

  • Don’t underestimate the benefits of simply sitting in nature!
  • Breath deeply, regularly, in as best quality air you can get.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass (go to a park at lunchtime to re-fuel for the afternoon).
  • Drink green smoothies and eat fresh, unprocessed food.

I personally owe my puppy for providing me with ample prana as her energy demands daily walks along river tracks or in the park. I’ve really noticed the immediate physiological shift once we get outside and every cell in my body sings with gratitude.

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