Transition times & letting go of the need to know

Transitions. The in-between times. That often uncomfortable space of not knowing. A time when there is no particular focus, no guidelines. Just waiting. When things can feel uncertain and you can feel so vulnerable that you look to anything to not be in that space. Desire for knowing that everything will be okay.

Question: what would it be like to stay here in this space? What, instead of the need for certainty, we just sat in the unknown? What would that be like?


Sat Nam means truth name. Truth is the name of God/universal oneness/the connection & evolution of all things. Our name is how we introduce ourselves and identify ourselves. Sat Nam / Truth Name is the living of truth – the self with the universal.

Living Sat Nam is engaging with the unknown with an attitude of truthfulness. This attitude carries with it the highest intention and with that comes strength. Sat Nam is not the assumption of truth as content or as a body of knowledge, as we define truth in our day to day. Sat Nam is recognising Divine truth as an unknown. We can never really know the truth of why things happen or how they will actually eventuate. In accepting that, we allow for the playing out of our destiny and hold on to Sat Nam to provide strength and stability.

Living Sat Nam means we can be honest with ourselves and with others while accepting the outcome of our actions.

Taking this attitude to the yoga mat means:

  • Staying present to the in-between from one posture to the next without needing to be somewhere else. Listening and observing.
  • Being in that very moment, that very breath, leaving behind the desire to get to the end of the pose or the practice.
  • Accepting where we are at that day and being truthful with ourselves around limitations versus expectations.
  • Allowing for learning and surprises by developing the ‘beginners mind’ with each pose.

By truly acknowledging times of transition and not trying to avoid or run away from them, we move through them with grace – allowing Sat Nam to pave the way. Stay connected to your Self and your truth and know that what is yet to come is ultimately what needs to be.