Visuddha Chakra, the throat chakra for communication

Visuddha chakra, also called the fifth chakra or throat chakra sits in the throat, neck and shoulders area. It is shown as a bright blue colour. It represents voice, communication and expression. When working with Visuddha chakra we work on releasing blocks and held tension so that we can speak honestly and express ourselves clearly. We’re also working on how we listen to others and take information in.

It’s particularly about how we communicate to ourselves. Does our inner voice speak kindly or critically? From a place of love or from fear? In any given situation we’re always listening for what that inner voice has to say. This inner dialogue affects our energetic field. This energetic field is communicating all the time. Feedback we give ourselves has a direct and immediate impact on how others feel about us, by picking up on our energetic field.

Growing awareness of our internal dialogue and creating a space of non-judgement around that can lead to a kinder inner voice. Choosing to direct compassion and forgiveness towards our own selves can have a deep and powerful effect on our ability to give this to others. It can also have a profound effect on how we’re treated by others. How we speak to ourselves creates our reality. How we speak to others results in how they respond in our reality” (Harijiwan Singh Khalsa)

The associated element for Visuddha chakra is ether. Ether is subtle matter, the non-physical element beyond earth, fire and air. It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a room; you feel like you want to be there or you want to get out of there. Ether represents this subtle form of communication that is picked up everywhere you go and from everyone you meet. Take the time to feel into those subtle energetic cues.

Yoga is all about growing awareness. Becoming more attuned to what’s right for us as individuals and making the choice to create a reality that compliments and supports inner harmony. Words that we speak directly influence our energetic field and our sense of harmony. Speaking or chanting mantra is used to shift our energetic frequency up a notch, bringing our bodies into resonance with the mantra. In the same way, speaking positive words from a place of kindness can create a feeling of elevation in ourselves and in others.

Visuddha chakra is all about choice. To make a choice about what to say and what not to say comes from developing awareness of your own subtle energy. Checking in with what feels right can support you to speak up when it’s important that you express your needs. It can also help you to remain silent rather than to speak unnecessary or unkind words.

Set an intention to grow your awareness, observe your words, external and internal. Observe how you receive other’s words and practice making decisions about your communication by weighing up what will feel most harmonious in any given situation.

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