Wash away your troubles – hydrate the body

One big gift you can give yourself for an overall and ongoing tune up is to drink more water. The only nutrient more important to the body than water is oxygen.

Drinking enough water boosts energy by helping to flush our toxins and waste products from the body. Otherwise the organs need to work harder as water helps transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, protecting the vital organs and helping us absorb nutrients better. It also protects and moisturises the joints.  Hydrating the body moisturises the air in the lungs helping us to breathe more easily. When we breathe, we naturally detoxify/replenish the body, breathing out toxins and breathing in fresh life-force energy.

By drinking enough water your skin will look clearer and fresher – more hydrated, more ‘shine’. You’ll also help your metabolism (supporting excess weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight) as water assists digestion and constipation. A healthy functioning system decreases the risk of many diseases and generally makes you feel well. Simply said, without enough water, the body has to work a lot harder to keep you going, so you feel more fatigued, more uphill-drag than smooth-sailing.

When our body feels good, our mental/emotional state is more likely to also feel good.

How much is enough water?

The amount you drink each day depends on how hot the weather is or how dehydrating your surroundings are. In a moderate climate, you should drink at least 6-8 cups/glasses of water a day. On hot days you’ll need more fluids. Around 2.5 litres per day on average.

On cooler days, herbal teas can hydrate you as well as warm you (continue to drink water in cooler weather, as it helps maintain body temperature). On hotter days, add citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) for an extra refreshing drink or freshly sliced cucumber to your water for a cooling effect.

If you drink coffee or alcohol (both diuretics), then drink more water to compensate the body at the same time.

You may wish to invest in a water purifier for the home and/or office to avoid chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride found in tap water. I own an Ace Bio Mineral Pot Water Filter (not that I intend to advertise on their behalf, but I know it’s a world of research out there to find a good one and this one is good, in my experience and that may be helpful).

Think ‘wash away your troubles’ and bring some attention to hydrating your body.

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