Weather patterns of your body and the return to balance

Right now I’m up in far north Queensland teaching yoga by the beach. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and each morning I watch the changing weather patterns of the ocean. No two days are the same. For a few days it will be still and sunny, then the winds will come, or stormy rains. Sometimes the tide is way up and the ocean feels close and threatening; the sand covered in debris, while other days the tide is way out and it’s still and warm and clear.


Your own body is like a small microclimate of changing weather patterns. An inner storm is a short-term prompt that something needs to shift or re-adjust to return to balance, as is natures way. Sometimes this storm is ours and needs attention, sometimes it’s someone else’s and it’s a matter of just letting it pass through.


Our bodies are a natural wonder, working 24/7 to maintain homeostasis (a state of balance), The body has a message system that is constantly juggling the necessary release of hormones via the glands; oxygenating the blood; digesting food and ridding the body of toxins. All of which requires energy.


Prolonged stress and external demands can create an abnormal amount of pressure on the body, which works harder and harder to return to homeostasis. So we can feel constantly tired. Due to this pressure, creating unfiltered stress, the ability to relax, or to even know what that truly feels like, is diminished. The body gets locked in a ‘switched on’ hyper alert state – leaving us tired and wired.


Sometimes, the amount of incoming pressure becomes too much for the body to handle, the system is overloaded and we just feel unable to cope.


Physically, stress introduces a feeling of alert receptivity. It switches off the body’s general maintenance mode and switches on the reactive, crisis response. This is meant to be a short-term physical state; however prolonged stress and pressure on the body can create bigger health issues, including anxiety.


Anxiety comes largely from the subconscious mind. It is here that we store body memory that induces worry, panic, difficulty in sleeping. Memory can suffer and the ability to feel still and stable depletes.


Anxiety effects many of us, if not all of us at different times. We all experience periods of inner cloudiness, tension and darkness. Culturally, levels of anxiety are rising generally and for some, there is a feeling of constant worry, agitation and panic that can make simple tasks feel overwhelming.


With our world generally out of balance, it’s crucial that we learn to relax, to wind down and to develop coping skills and boundaries to stay safe and well. With different life experiences, constitutional tendencies and ever-changing individual situations, we all need different things at different times. However what is clear is that we ALL need to learn to give ourselves what we need, when we need it.


Personally, without my yoga practice, I just don’t know how I would cope with life and all it brings. Through my practice I have gained perspective, strength and the ability to create change in my body when needed. I have developed skills in managing my emotions, which makes life a lot more enjoyable. I feel empowered in the knowledge that I play a role in my own well being.


I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge in this upcoming 7-week course for Anxiety and Stress and helping others to also understand their bodies and themselves a little more.

In this course you will:
• Practice kriyas that move the body out of distress and boost the relaxation response to bring balance.
• Learn breathwork practices for healing, rejuvenation and to induce better sleep.
• Each week a portion of the time will be spent in meditation, attending to your inner emotional landscape and mental triggers, so that the mind becomes clearer, more stable and you can begin to take control of your own peace of mind.

To book into this course go here.

I welcome any questions by email, however please know that I am overseas until August 30 so my reply may take a few days, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. You are also welcome to contact Kundalini House directly ph: 03 94824325 :))