What does your internal atmosphere look like?

Does your internal atmosphere look like this?










Or more like this?






THE STATE OF OUR INTERNAL ATMOSPHERE IS VERY MUCH DEPENDENT ON OUR LIVER.  Whether your internal atmosphere looks like a toxic waste dump or a fresh, flower-filled forest is determined by what you ingest, how you think and how well your liver functions.

The liver is a key and central gland effecting how well the entire system functions, influencing the way we feel, how clearly we think, what we think about and how we connect with others. Physically, the liver is the largest gland in the body and sits on the right side of the abdomen underneath the diaphragm, protected by the lower ribs.

The major job of the liver is to process toxins so that they are broken down and removed from the body. It also filters nutrients in the blood into forms that are easier for the body to use and stores vitamins A, D, K and B12 as well as some minerals in the body. It influences insulin production in the body

Liver imbalance is caused by toxic build up. The more rubbish we ingest, the harder the liver works. A hard working liver tires us out. Eating foods grown with chemical pesticides or food full of preservatives and/or heavy metals increases toxicity. Cooking methods of deep frying, too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol all put pressure on the liver. Breathing in pollutants through the day or rubbing moisturisers with chemicals into the skin provides extra work for your liver too. Toxic thoughts – heavy, negative mental talk puts more pressure on the liver.

It’s impossible to avoid toxins altogether, but worth minimising your intake. That’s why when you eat good, clean foods or go on a detox diet, once you’re through the detoxing stage you’re left with far more energy – because the liver isn’t working away draining your energy. Thoughts are lighter and your outlook more optimistic.

Liver imbalance is linked to arthritis, cramping, stiffness, weak muscles and feeling off centre to name just a few. An imbalanced liver also messes with your hormones = mood swings, irritation, feeling defensive, angry and flying off the handle easily. A stagnant flow of liver energy can cause us to feel stuck. A healthy liver creates a harmonious internal atmosphere – physically, emotionally and mentally.

The liver is placed in the area of the third chakra, manipura and is linked to the mental qualities of this chakra; The ability to make decisions and put plans into action; The ability to exert an opinion and have a strong internal sense of self whilst maintaining an open live and let live attitude.

The element of the manipura chakra is fire. Alongside a better diet and using less chemicals in every aspect of our lives, an excellent way to support the liver is to cool the fire element by practicing sitali pranayam or cooling breath.

Sitali Pranayam or Cooling Breath:

Sit with a straight spine.

Inhale deeply through a curled tongue and exhale through the nose.

3 – 11 minutes.

You may find while doing this that liverish sensations come up – anger, irritation, feeling defensive and like you want to run away. Stay with it and this will pass.