What the Leaves Have to Tell Us

Luscious, luxurious, leafy loveliness all over Melbourne at the moment. How appropriate that the leaves change from the cooler green to the warmer hues as the temperature drops. The colours of the autumn leaves are the colours of the first three chakras. With these colours all around us, they bring a certain energy into the body, resonant with these chakras.


Red the colour of the root chakra – our earth connection. Connected to our primal need to have all our basic survival needs met. Autumn is a good time to get grounded and stable (before fear, which causes procrastination, takes over). To keep stable and balanced in transitional seasons, we must respond to the season – eating warming foods, like root vegetables and foods that have gathered energy at their core – like apples, pumpkins, pears. Without responding to our body’s changing needs, we just feel more sluggish and unable to support the stable function of the body.

Orange is the colour of the second chakra – the centre of  creation. A good time to finish or begin to materialize any ideas/projects we have been seeding over the last few months. Do you feel like it’s time to make things happen? Bring to life those ideas, or to finish something that needs finishing.

Yellow is the colour of the third chakra – the element of this chakra is FIRE of course. Representing our personal power and affirmation of self. A good time to reflect on our accomplishments as well as make any adjustments so we can be well on the way to achieving a personal goal.

Get out amongst the leaves and fill your eyes with these vibrational, rich, warm colours. Let them inspire you.

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