Why Wear White?

Did you know that wearing the colour white expands your Aura by one foot? A strong aura gives us a clear and solid projection  so that our presence speaks, without words. A strong aura also filters out negativity and acts a protective shield.

Yogi Bhajan taught us that white is the total balance of all the seven colours of the chakras.

  • Red: Security, belonging.
  • Orange: Sexuality, creativity.
  • Yellow: Power – personal power, will power, strength of character.
  • Green: Compassion.
  • Blue: Communication, self expression.
  • Indigo: Intuition.
  • Violet: Oneness, Peace.

White is reflective; we often wear it to reflect the sun on very hot days, as it reflects light. Just as it reflects light, it also acts as a mirror to reflect others back at themselves – meaning it is harder for people to project onto you when you are wearing white. In this way it adds to your auric shield; A protective shield that reflects the external to enable us to stay secure in ourselves and centred within. This is good for your psyche, your energy and for your nervous system.

Along with this, wearing white is also an exercise in awareness – as it’s challenging to keep clean!

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