Will Power, Determination & the Strength to be You

SUNSET IMAGE2At birth we are linked to our mother by the umbilical cord. Once this cord is cut, we are physically on our own – we are a human being beginning the journey we are meant to travel. Throughout our lives this navel centre, where we were once attached to our mother, continues to operate as a source of life-connection – but not to our mother – now a connection to our own selves; Our character, our personality, our beliefs, values and alongside that, our inner strength.

When we strengthen this area we strengthen our sense of self and our committment to fulfill our potential. If this area is weak we are easily swayed and give up trying once challenged. It is a great gift to yourself to strengthen the navel centre. A strong navel centre means you will stand behind your beliefs, your actions and your character. This is the space of the third chakra, manipura chakra.

Will power, committment and determination are heavily influenced by how clear and strong your third chakra is. I was recently asked to suggest a practice to build will power and determination. I suggest this meditation, practiced for 40 days:


Sit with legs crossed, or in a chair with a straight spine

Focus: Eyes look towards the tip of your nose.

Mantra: Chant with the tip of the tongue: HUMMEE HUM, BRAHM HUM meaning: “We are we, and we are one.” On a higher prayer-pose-low-res1spiritual level, it means we are already everything we need to be.

Mudra: prayer pose. All parts of the palms are touching and pressing together with equal force.

Action: Every time you chant “Hummee Hum, Brahm Hum,” press your hands together, pull the navel in, and then release. Make sure you chant each word with the tip of the tongue. The hand press is a compression like the beat of the heart.

Time: 11 minutes

To end: Inhale and hold the breath, pull in your navel and press the tip our your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Hold for 15 seconds and exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.

Chant along with any recording of this mantra that you like, or just chant to yourself. To hear the mantra and/or purchase it to use, see here.

* Meditation from Meditation as Medicine, by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD and Cameron Stauth