Would I Lie to Me?

Self- deception is the most fundamental and pervasive form of dishonesty, and the most difficult to recognise. As yogis, we essentially live our life in search of Truth. Truth that lies within us – the search to “find ourselves”.

Being as authentic in our expression of self on or off the mat is the practice of Satya. Satya is the second Yama (yogic way to live) and means Truth; truth in speech, action and thought. Because behind all our “ifs” and “buts” is an essential truth. That essential truth expresses itself through integrity and consistency. An attempt to live life with integrity and consistency takes us closer to this essential truth.

In yoga practice, Satya means honesty. An honest practice also requires consistency and  integrity. The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete); meaning Satya is the whole truth, removing our personal opinions, projections, objections and continually coming back to possibility, coming back to the now. You do not know what you do not know. And you’ll never know unless you allow yourself the opportunity to learn. 

A little story: When I was travelling in India I met and spent time with a wonderful South African woman who had come to India to study yoga and indulge in her personal search for truth. At that time she was in the throws of sorting out visa’s to enable her to marry an Indian man she had met there. Their story was a love story of ongoing navigation through visas, cultures and generally a lesson in patience and commitment!  This woman had left South Africa to come to India in the search of Truth – and she found her fiance – whose name was Satyam 🙂 .

“it’s not the life you live but the courage you bring to it that matters”. Yogi Bhajan.