Yogi Bhajan – a beautiful man who helped transform countless people’s lives

yogi bhajanOn August 26th, we celebrate the birthday of Yogi Bhajan, a beautiful man whose love and energy helped transform countless people’s lives. His gift to all in this lifetime was Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric yoga. Yogi Bhajan was born in India in 1929 and became a Kundalini Yoga Master by the very young age of 16 years. In the 1960’s he brought Kundalini Yoga to the Western world by settling in America. In this hippy era, he wanted to teach people to ‘get high’ without drugs and to learn to find their spiritual centre and touch the infinite wisdom within.

Did you know Woodstock Festival was opened with a Kundalini yoga kriya? It was! Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh, however Kundalini Yoga is non-denominational and is for everyone.

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On his birthday, Kundalini yogi’s all over the world will chant together long Ek Ong Kars (Adi Shakti Mantra or Morning Call) for 2.5 hours before sunrise.

My personal first powerful experience with this mantra was in India. I had gone to India to stay in the home of an older Kundalini Yogi who had spent many years with Yogi Bhajan as a member of his personal staff. I was lucky enough to spend time with her over the course of a few months while I experienced India and learned more about Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga.

We chanted long Ek Ong Kars one morning at the end of our morning practice as the sun was just beginning to rise. The vibration of this mantra opened me up to an experience that really shifted something in me. I come back to that feeling each time I chant it. It’s power to transform, clear and elevate is like no other mantra. The connection to the navel point and kundalini energy is pure shakti.

Ek Ong Kar

Sat Nam


Wha-Hay Guru

 One creator created this Creation. Truth is the name. Great beyond description is this infinite wisdom.

How to chant it:

  • Inhale deeply and as you pull in the navel abruptly, chant Ek. The Ong Kar is drawn out. Give equal time to Ong and Kar.
  • Inhale deeply and as you pull the navel abruptly, chant Sat. Then Nam is drawn out. Then, just as you get to the end of the breath, add a quick Siree (pronounced s’ree).
  • Inhale half a breath, pull in the navel abruptly, chant Wha. The Hay Guru (Hay should be relatively short, Guru is pronounced G’roo and is drawn out, but not too long).

The Ong Kar and Nam Siree are equal in length. The Wha-hay Guru is equal in length to Ong. Try not to let the pitch fall.

Let the sound resonate in the upper cavity of the head, by closing the back of the throat and vibrating the upper palate, and allowing the sound to come through the nose.  As with all Kundalini Yoga practises, tune in first with the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo and finish with a Sat Nam.

“This mantra initiates the kundalini, initiating the relationship between the soul and the Universal Soul. It balances all of the chakras. Though it is part of morning sadhana, it can be chanted at anytime.” Yogi Bhajan

In heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Sat Nam.

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