Your thyroid gland. What it does and how yoga can make it do even better

The thyroid gland is one of the major glands in the endocrine system of the body. It sits in the neck below your larynx (or below your Adam’s apple). It plays the important role of producing the thyroid hormones involved in regulating your metabolism, and in the growth rate and function of other bodily systems. It also effects the careful stabilising of body temperature and energy levels. Both these things effect us continually throughout the day.

If the thyroid gland is not functioning optimally, it doesn’t produce enough of the important hormones needed by the body. Your thyroid’s functions are directly linked to your mood. Excessive thyroid hormonal secretion produces nervousness, irritability, excessive hunger and an abnormally fast digestion. An underactive thyroid results in apathy and tiredness.

Kundalini Yoga is an excellent way to maintain a healthy thyroid. Designed to work on the entire endocrine system, the practice of Kundalini yoga helps keep the whole glandular system healthy and functioning optimally. This maintains our internal balance and enhances our mood and feelings of stability.

Support for your thyroid:

  • Breath of fire is a key breath that supports the thyroid gland.
  • Alternate nostril breathing also supports healthy thyroid hormone production.
  • Simple neck rolls and figure 8 head rolls wake up the thyroid.
  • Mantra is one of the key supports for the thyroid gland.
  • There are numerous specific kundalini kriyas for the thyroid gland.

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