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“I have been doing yoga now for six months and for someone with back problems of more than twenty years and stiff as anyone could be, I did not think my body would be able to do yoga. But once I decided to give it a try with Nancy I cannot believe the transformation of my body.  I no longer am stiff, but flexible and I’m doing moves I thought impossible for me. My body loves it – and no more trips to the chiropractor. What I also enjoy with Nancy’s sessions is the meditation aspect with the yoga as well, which all has brought more balance, clearer thinking and a better understanding of myself. I’d like to compliment Nancy for tailoring the sessions to suit my body condition and how she has this uncanny ability to know how your body is feeling and tailoring the session to suit but also challenge you as well.” 


“My heart is thanking you for sharing your energy with me and for providing a safe, warm and loving space to open up and release. Thank you for guiding me through some moving and powerful yoga sessions which were so touching that they opened and warmed my heart and at times bought me to tears. The shift of energy was remarkable. And thank you Nancy for sharing the sound of the crystal bowls. Their vibration is still resonating in my heart.” 


“As a male in my 40′s I was drawn to trying yoga. The home visit yoga tuition with Nancy fit my schedule and was also more tailored to my needs than a regular class. Nancy’s sessions were a mix of kundalini yoga and meditation. Nancy was always  flexible in arranging times to suit. When I started the one to one yoga I was facing a difficult and stressful work situation. Nancy was able to teach me how yoga and meditation would help me. The sessions helped me regain strength and confidence. My life direction has become clearer and happier as a result.”