Mentoring for Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher perhaps wanting to grow your knowledge and develop as teacher?

With over 10 years experience teaching both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga, I offer support for you as both a teacher and someone who is developing spiritually and professionally alongside your teaching.

Some suggested offerings:

  • Support with posture and alignment in your teaching.
  • Answering questions about the yogic teachings.
  • Develop listening skills when working one to one with students.
  • Develop comfortable boundaries when working with students.
  • Class planning and workshop development.
  • Support with your own personal growth beyond the class setting.

Teaching is a wonderful space of growth and challenge. I’m aware of all the time and love and effort you put into creating a space in which students can grow and learn and connect. I honour the opportunity to help you develop both as an individual and as a teacher.


“Nancy has the extraordinary ability to  to listen even the unspoken. Sometimes sitting in her mere presence resolves my issue and other times her kind words uplift but never have I ever come back without deep gratitude for her guidance.” Iffat, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


“Nancy’s teaching and mentoring is a profound experience. She is incredibly good at taking you very deep in your practice but without introducing unnecessary tension or strain. In fact it’s a strange combination of depth and profundity but also lightness and shedding. She has so much experience she is expert at finding the right meditation and kriya for you. Her classes will inspire you to go beyond barriers in your own practice and life.” Anna, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Investment: $100 per hour. (I am happy to chat intermittently outside of formal time slots also, and understand that sometimes you just have that quick question or want to check something. This is a relationship that is all about supporting you.)

Bookings or to make a time to chat: