Posture for Poise and Pain Free Well-being

There is a basic structure to the body, which once understood can be used as a framework for movement and postural alignment. An understanding of this can save you from experiencing pain, muscle soreness, joint fatigue, headaches, breathing and digestive problems.


Good posture can help shift you mentally and emotionally too. How you hold yourself and move through a room says a lot about you. Posture tends to reflect an emotional state. You can learn to adjust your body to present with more confidence and have greater impact with your presence. As there is constant communication between your brain and your body, shifts in posture can radically adjust how you feel and how you are received by others.


A session involves:

Assessment of how you stand, walk, sit, move.

Postural advice and techniques to:

    • Correct posture and deportment.
    • Address pain.
    • Increase self-esteem and positive body image.
    • Learn simple, accessible adjustments to your everyday movements to be integrated into your day easily.
    • Individual home practice may be offered.

I have trained extensively over the years in yoga, movement and alignment. As a yoga teacher for 11 years, I have observed countless student’s bodies and studied many closely in my one to one work with clients. I have helped many people move out of pain and improve mobility and confidence with simple postural techniques that can be integrated into their lives.


Investment: From $100 per hour.

For bookings or questions: