Remembering How to Relax 7-Wk Course

Even though at times it feels like you can’t relax, your body can actually remember how to with the right prompts. This can happen when practicing some simple steps to spark the chemical shift in your body that conveys the message that all is well and it’s ok to calm down.

The experience of nervousness, anxiety, worry, sometimes fear and uncertainty, and can often be experienced in reaction to stress.This course will introduce the practice of kundalini yoga techniques to help you become less reactive and more present and help you relax.

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“This is a very useful course that will show you how relaxation can be achieved in an quick and easy way.” – Richard


“Doing this course involves minimal words, analysis or emoting. It’s simply about coming to stillness and neutrality. Coming to know calmness in your body. Experiencing it so you can return to it when needed.” – Michelle


“This night became the best of the week for me. I looked forward to it, felt very relaxed afterwards and had the best night’s sleep of the week.” –  Jason


“I would highly recommend the course to others it was a great way to start the week attending Nancy’s course. I found it really beneficial having a space where I could practice that feeling of been grounded and calm.” – Ebony


“With two teething nine month old twins, I don’t get many (any) free moments but I very much enjoyed the course as it was my only me time for the week and I very much found that over the weeks I was able to focus in and find an inner calm to help me get through my days and the tools I learnt from you were very helpful in managing the constant pressure of my circumstances.” – Alexandria


“Nancy’s calm manner and clear communication make this a professional course with tangible outcomes and benefits. She is an experienced practitioner, with a passion for the mental and physical health benefits of yoga. I experience regular anxiety, and this course helped me find some practical tools to manage these feelings. I learnt to breathe with more awareness and be more present to the sensations within my body during times of stress. I feel confident I can help my mind and body to relax rather than push through until I crash! Thank you Nancy.” – Hannah


“A practical practice that leaves me in a state of bliss – tools that I now have to use  anytime and any place” – Toula


“This course gave me skills to help me feel calm and alleviate stress in my life. Nancy was a wonderful teacher and easily able to make adjustments for me with pain that I was experiencing.” Ana


“Loved your teaching as always Nancy and enjoyed it after a long break from Kundalini practices. I liked doing the practices combined with you talking about the importance of sleep etc.. It was all a good reminder to take some time to centre myself.” – Sadie


“I feel happier, calmer, clearer and more at ease. I loved driving home afterwards. I  felt like I wanted to drive forever” – Miles


“Breath is always there when you are and learning to be there with it in everyway is so important” – Michael